Our Story

We are passionate about the quality of fresh produce

Have you ever been disappointed by the quality of fresh produce?

An avocado that was not 'ready-to-eat' or a tomato without flavour?

Have you ever wondered how your product performs on the retail shelf?

Understanding the quality and shelf-life of fresh produce has never been more important. Consumers now have a wide variety of choice and competition is increasingly quality focused.

Our Innovative Fresh team is based in Holland and Sweden and operates in 7 European countries. We are the leading provider of objective and independent quality and taste information. Since 2008 we have been visiting supermarkets, every week, to buy fresh produce just as a consumer would.

We are proud to help you be the Best in Fresh!

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after price is forgotten."

Benjamin Franklin

Meet our team

Maud Jentjens

Managing Director

Maud Jentjens is the founder and Managing Director of Innovative Fresh. She has a genuine interest in food, agriculture, nutrition and consumer culture. Maud also studied and worked at Wageningen University. Her scientific knowledge and 15 years of practical involvement in fruit and vegetables have formed the basis for Innovative Fresh, which is managed by Maud and Karin Gorree. Maud lives in Holland with her husband, Jelger, and is based in the Netherlands office.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/maud-jentjens-9b92214/ mailto:maud@innovativefresh.com

Karin Gorree

Director of Quality & Business Development

Karin is a produce quality expert and has worked in countries throughout the world, including the UK and Chile. Karin has worked with retailers, and for suppliers. She has a deep understanding of product quality and consumer perception. With an agricultural background Karin understands every aspect of the growing and production process.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/karin-gorree-50008211/ mailto:karin@innovativefresh.com

Magnus Nilsson

Magnus has been working with fresh produce and flowers since 1999. His experience includes working as a Store Consultant in fresh produce, a Sales Manager at the largest wholesaler in Sweden, a Sales Manager at Sweden’s largest producers’ organisation, and as the Category Manager for fresh produce and flowers at Coop Sweden. Magnus has worked throughout the whole supply chain; from field to fork, and is now based in the Sweden branch heading up our partner company, In Quality.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/magnus-nilsson-21a06734/ mailto:magnus@inquality.eu


InQuality is the leading provider of quality monitoring programs, quality advice, and quality training, they operate in Scandinivia and Germany.

For more information contact info@inquality.eu


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