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White Asparagus - the Queen of Vegetables

18 April 2019

White Asparagus - the Queen of Vegetables

01 January 2017

As a seasonal vegetable, the asparagus season is looked forward to, especially by those involved in food preparation. Most people will be familiar with green asparagus, but white asparagus, which has a shorter season, is less well-known to consumers. Retailers could help educate customers on the delicate flavour of white asparagus to encourage sales.

Consumption of white asparagus trails behind that of its tanned, green brother. In the UK, consumers are generally unaware of the differences between the green and white asparagus, tending to stick with the more common place green variety. In some parts of Europe, such as Spain, the Netherlands, and France, consumers are more aware of both varieties. Additionally, in Germany, where white asparagus is affectionately known as "White Gold", production of white asparagus has increased, with the produce being sold ready-peeled to reduce the preparation time that already busy consumers will need.

At Innovative Fresh we monitor fresh produce every week and are here to help retailers and suppliers in any area they want advice or data. If you'd like more information on selling and stocking asparagus please get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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