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We have re-branded!

05 June 2017

We have rebranded!

01 January 2017

We promised that you would need sunglasses and we were not exaggerating! Welcome to the launch of our new brand identity, which you are the first to see. With a fresh and innovative new image, you certainly won't miss us in a crowd.

Why have we rebranded?

Our brand is all about helping you to be the best in fresh, with high quality customer service and guidance throughout the work we do together. We decided it was time to bring our visual identity in line with our values, offering you the same level of consistently high quality throughout all our communications as well.

With a bright new identity, we will continue to reinforce the importance of quality for consumers, through their eyes. Good quality is as noticeable as our new logo, and it makes you stand out amongst your competitors. There is an increasing focus amongst consumer on ‘value’, and this is all about getting a really good balance of quality, assortment, price and taste. People buy first with their eyes, rationalise their purchase when looking at price, and then the all-important advocacy (telling others) and repeat purchasing comes from taste - the bit that occurs outside of the store that we cannot control once the produce has left our shelves.

We, at Innovative Fresh, work to maximise the taste experience based upon real-time observations and measurements at and beyond this point - the point at which the produce is lifted from the shelves and taken home with the consumer for consumption. More importantly, we help you move towards long-term consistency for all products and we do this by objective and subjective research. The subjective research is explained and quantified by the objective research, enabling simple and quick actionable solutions.

With our new re-brand we will be looking to assist you more with better help and insights, communicating more regularly and across multiple social platforms. We have just joined Instagram to show you a little more of what life at Innovative Fresh looks like, alongside our more business-focused communications on LinkedIn, Twitter and our blog.

We would love your input with our new brand and its communication. Do you have news, questions, problems or points for discussion that you would like us to have a look at? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

We will be sending out monthly updates designed to help you make good decisions, and that is all a part of our service. We are always aware of what the customer sees, and this is hugely important to us. We really hope you enjoy our fresh, bright, innovative new look and we can't wait to continue working with you in the future.


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