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The Challenges of Providing Ready-to-Eat Avocados

26 August 2019

The Challenges of Providing Ready-to-Eat Avocados

01 January 2017

The Ready-to-Eat concept for fruit and vegetables has proved very popular in recent years. The aim is to guarantee a perfectly ripe product for immediate consumption. During the last 10 years, popularity of avocados has really taken off, largely driven by the assurance of ripeness. Being a notoriously difficult fruit to buy while perfectly ripe, stores have many challenges when attempting to provide this in the Ready-to-Eat category.

A Ready-To-Eat avocado should be ripened to perfection, to ensure the best possible taste for the consumer. Although the avocado seasons are short, there are now quite a few varieties that are commercialised around the world.

Achieving quality of avocados on the retail shelf is a complex process. Fruits need to be harvested at the right level of maturity and in order to develop their full flavour and ripening programs must be fine-tuned. After ripening, the fruits are sorted. To ensure total consumer satisfaction, shelf management in the store must be consistently at its best. All these factors need to be precise and properly balanced.

Too often we approach fresh produce from the view of the product or its availability, but not from consumers. This means we don’t often worry about flavour or ripeness. But how can you sell something to consumers that you won’t put on your own table? One in four avocados and mangoes are sold as Ready-to-Eat but are unripe or overripe according to our criteria. It’s not without reason that avocados are always in the top five of most sought after products in supermarkets.

In the lab we analyse firmness and internal defects as part of our assessment. This helps our customers in the precise organisation of their avocado programs, in order to secure consistently good eating quality for consumers.

Navigating the complex Ready-to-Eat produce category, and supplying quality fresh produce is something Innovative Fresh excels at. We continuously monitor the quality of avocados on the retail shelf in seven countries, so we are familiar with the different challenges geographically as well as storage and transportation.

Let us help you take control of your avocado category in your store, contact us at: info@innovativefresh.com.


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