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Strawberries - A Summer Favourite

25 April 2019

Strawberries - A Summer Favourite

01 January 2017

It's that time of year when retailers move onto selling outdoor strawberry crops.  This leads to higher expectations in consumers of this popular berry. This sought-after fruit is enjoyed all through the summer, by all age groups, and is often regarded as a "treat" or a picnic essential. A good size, vibrant colour and sweet flavour are all key elements aspects of the perfect strawberry.

Consumer preference is usually for a sweet-eating strawberry, therefore a high Brix measurement is favoured. The fruit quality can, of course, change at any time, owing to its fragility. The downside of an excessive amount of warm weather is that there is not enough difference in temperature between day and night, meaning strawberries cannot "shut down" at night, allowing the plant to recover; this can affect the development of the sugars.

The ideal strawberry will have great flavour, an attractive appearance, a bright colour, good shelf life, and a slight firmness to the touch, ensuring that it survives picking, packaging, and transport.

With many new strawberry varieties entering the market, and even more in development, choosing the right variety for retailers and consumers has never been more important. Variations in taste, size, colour and firmness allow for a wide range of tastes and uses of this berry. Consumers are seeking a sweet, juicy berry with a red interior flesh that provides the smell and taste so many people love.

Repeat business from consumers rests on their first few tastes. Strawberries that lack taste, are too soft, or have a white hard core can put a consumer off coming back to you to purchase. Whereas a slightly firm, sweet-smelling, juicy and tasty strawberry will ensure they return to you for their fruit and tell their friends.

Consumption of this popular fruit continues to grow across Europe year by year.

At Innovative Fresh we will be monitoring strawberries every week, testing for brix and quality. Let us help you to finetune your strawberry programme to give the consumer the best strawberries possible and have them returning again and again this summer.

For more information on how we can help you ensure the quality of your strawberries, get touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com for more information.


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