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Roll Out the Oranges

29 November 2018

Roll Out the Oranges

During the months leading up to Christmas, oranges aren't just around as fragrant decorations, but also in abundance on the retail shelf.

The nutritional benefits of the orange are well known among consumers, especially for its health benefits and Vitamin C content. Fruit and vegetables that contain 12mg or more of vitamin C per reference amount qualify to carry the label 'high in vitamin C'. Some other fruit examples are kiwifruit, lemons, limes, blackberries, pineapples, raspberries, melons and many more.

Oranges have been identified as a fruit that helps with many health benefits, but overall good taste is still key for consumers to enjoy and repurchase. It's a fruit worth promoting in store not only to educate consumers on the benefits for their health as we enter winter, but also for the great taste.

When we are quality checking oranges at Innovative Fresh we always look for a nice skin, with a good full colour. Ideally the orange is also easy to peel if eaten whole and internally we want to see a high juice level with no seeds. As taste will always be a key area we are looking for the perfect balance between sugar and acidity.

Consumers are mostly looking for a good eating quality with plenty of juice, but they are also looking for a medium sized fruit. This can be a problem for growers when faced with these demands.

At Innovative Fresh, the most common issues we encounter relate to taste, varieties and juice content. Across the season these can vary considerably, in particular near the start, as the early fruits can be sour, and at the end, when they can be very flat in taste. We also see big difference between retailers, regarding orange taste and quality.

Our most important measurements are of juice content and acidity in order to achieve the right eating quality. Produce should always be fresh on the shelf, from a good supply chain, ensuring the best fruit available in the local market.

It is increasingly hoped that retailers and suppliers will aim to educate the consumers about different varieties of oranges. Allowing them to taste the premium fruit assortment will help to lift the category.

At Innovative Fresh we can help the industry to make improvements, using our independent monitoring programs. All our reports are done from the perspective of the consumer, and we think that our customers have the edge over their competitors, due to deeper knowledge and consumer insights. This helps them to promote varieties at the right part of the season for optimum taste and quality, which leads to an increase in consumption.

We provide 360 insights in this category, also important tools to improve category plans for suppliers and retailers. This in turn helps the consumer to the taste of the perfect orange.

If you want help providing the best quality fresh produce to your consumers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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