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Preventing Problems in Your Cantaloupe Supply

11 July 2019

Preventing Problems in Your Cantaloupe Supply

01 January 2017

Regardless of the variety, melons all do well under the same growing conditions; conversely, they are all susceptible to the same problems.  When a crop isn't growing in good cultural conditions, problems may arise further along the supply chain.

While the Galia is popular in Western Europe, the Cantaloupe is one of the most popular choices in the South, competing against other varieties such as Honey Dew.

Consumers generally know what theyre looking for when buying Cantaloupes.  A good cantaloupe will have a distinct musky fragrance, Appearance texture of the skin, or rind, give tell-tale signs of the quality of the fruit.  If the rind is soft or bruised, the produce can quickly degrade, and an sign of mould on the rind is a clear indication that the melon should be discarded.

With a relatively short shelf-life, or between just three and five days, ensuring that the consumers are picking fruit at its prime.  At Innovative Fresh, we test Cantaloupes as part of our regular programme, checking appearance, texture, taste, and shelf-life.  Our reporting helps retailers and suppliers fine-tune their processes to ensure that their Cantaloupes reach consumers in peak condition.

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