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Perfecting Orchids

15 November 2018

Perfecting Orchids

01 January 2017

Orchids are a common sight now in the flower section of the fresh produce aisle. Popular for gifts, as well as to decorate the house, many consumers have educated themselves about how to keep these beautiful plants going through till their next flowering.

Research from Royal FloraHolland showed that when properly handled, orchids can last at least 60 days at home with their flowers, but that is not always the case and orchid quality varies from retailer to retailer.

Orchid sales in supermarkets have many challenges and there is still relatively little known about how to best keep orchids in store for maximum consumer satisfaction.

Together with Royal FloraHolland (the largest flower auction in the world) Innovative Fresh monitors orchids in supermarkets for the Dutch orchid growers.

One peculiar fact about orchids is that the abortion of flower buds is larger when the buds are not fully developed when harvested. Royal FloraHolland research concluded that if flowers are more than 50% open at harvest, the chances of the closed flower buds dropping is at a minimum.

Education of consumers and store personnel is important in this area. Orchids have had a reputation in the past of being difficult to keep but they are actually a relatively simple plant for consumers to maintain if they know what they need.

At Innovative Fresh we continue to monitor orchids in supermarkets to pursue improving orchid quality for consumers.

If you sell orchids, let us help you to finetune your programme, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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