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Partnering In Quality

17 October 2018

Partnering In Quality

01 January 2017

With Innovative Fresh, just like with N & S Quality Consultants, it's all about delivering quality. Innovative Fresh have more than 10 years experience and N & S Quality Consultants have over 20 years of experience in the Dutch market and both want to expand their services on the Scandinavian market. Where Innovative Fresh focuses specifically on the fruit and vegetable sector, N & S Quality Consultants also serves other sectors of the food industry.

In the field of product quality, the Scandinavian market needs knowledge in different areas. Knowledge we have in-house together, complementing each other well. This is the reason we have decided to join forces under the name 'In Quality'.

In 2017 Innovative Fresh made a strong start in Scandinavia, with great success. During this year it was discovered there was also a need in the field of consultancy services and training. For this reason, N & S Quality Consultants became a shareholder in 2018. On Wednesday, 21st of February 2018 the contract was signed and the cooperation was officially formed from that date. Meanwhile, the first programs have been put in place and several advisory projects have already been carried out.

Because of this partnership we have decided to change our name in Scandinavia to In Quality with the slogan 'Be the Best in Fresh'. Magnus Nilsson leads the company and has extensive background in Retail and AGF. Now, in addition to monitoring programs and insights, we also offer advice, interim solutions and training in the field of Product Quality and Food Safety & Quality.

In Quality continuously monitors the quality of fresh products in supermarkets and supports retailers and suppliers with this. We offer help with solving quality challenges.

In Quality ensures that employees are well trained and have access to high-quality, world-class knowledge. More information can be found on www.inquality.eu.

Do you need help with a major project? In Quality offers retailers and suppliers in Scandinavia the perfect tools to be the Best in Fresh.

For more information please contact Maud Jentjens, founder and owner of Innovative Fresh, via info@innovativefresh.com or Michaël van Duijnhoven, founder and owner of N & S Quality Consultants, via office@ns-quality.nl.

N & S Quality Consultants B.V. | Hogeweg 129, 5301 LL Zaltbommel 0418 - 57 58 59 |
office@ns-quality.nl | ns-quality.nl

Innovative Fresh De Trompet 1660, 1967 DB Heemskerk | 0850 - 65 62 14 |
info@innovativefresh.com | innovativefresh.com


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