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Northern Europe Strawberries Hit the Shelves

13 June 2019

The not-so-humble strawberry is a summer favourite all over the world, especially when local varieties appear in our supermarkets. Rich in flavour and sweetness, a good strawberry can be a highlight at a family picnic or a healthy mid-morning snack at the office.

Delivering the perfect strawberry isn't an easy task, though. Strawberries are a delicate fruit, and can easily be damaged during picking, packing, and transport to the supermarket shelves. The weather, of course, is also a key factor in produced good fruit, so when the temperatures remain fairly consistent between night and day, sugar levels can been affected as the plant does not have the opportunity to recover offered by cooler nights and warm days.

When choosing strawberries, consumers are looking at appearance and colour, and prefer fruit which is slightly firm to the touch - an indication that it will survive the journey home, undamaged.

As new strawberry varieties enter the market, choosing the right variety for retailers and consumers becomes increasingly important. Variations in taste, size, colour and firmness allow for a wide range of tastes and uses. Strawberries that lack taste, are too soft, or have a white hard core can put a consumer off coming back to you to purchase. Whereas a slightly firm, sweet-scented, juicy and tasty strawberry will ensure they return to you for their fruit and tell their friends.

At Innovative Fresh we will be monitoring strawberries every week, testing for Brix and quality. Let us help you to fine-tune your strawberry programme to give the consumer the best strawberries possible and have them returning again and again this summer. For more information, contact us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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