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Meeting Expectations With Your Fresh-cut Salads

04 July 2019

01 January 2017

Across much of Europe, summer has now most definitely arrived.  With that, the consumers' shopping habits start to change, with consumers looking for lighter meals in easy-to-prepare formats, often with healthier options in mind.  The growth in sales of fresh-cut salads, despite the current backlash against single-use plastic packaging, indicates that consumers are increasingly turning to prepared salads in favour of buying separate ingredients from which to make their own.  Many supermarkets also include dressings and vinaigrettes with their salads, ensuring that the consumer has a complete dish in one purchase.

Fresh-cut salads make the perfect accompaniment to many meals, including the good old summer barbecue, bringing freshness, taste, and nutritionally-loaded produce to the table.  However, a wilted, tasteless, or badly-mixed pack of salad can lead to disappointment and risks the loss of repeat sales.

There are, of course, pros and cons regarding this way of purchasing.  Consumers need to weigh-up the benefits of buying pre-park in single-use packaging against the costs of produce damage and wastage.

At Innovative Fresh, our focus isn't purely on taste and appearance.  We also test fresh-cut salads for the mix, helping our customers to understand how consistent the variety of produce in their products compares across supermarkets.  Our programmes help identify where in the supply chain issues that negatively affect the quality of the product may be occurring, providing areas of focus that can help improve future offerings.

With this sector sure to continue its recent growth trend, Innovative Fresh is here to help you ensure that you're consistently delivering Best in Fresh in the fresh-cut salad ranges.  For more information, contact us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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