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Improving Nectarine Satisfaction & Sales

16 May 2019

Improving Nectarine Satisfaction & Sales

01 January 2017

The European fruit season is now underway, with many sweet and juicy fruits already arriving from Spain and Italy. Among them, nectarines.

There is a great choice of nectarine varieties, but each has a very short season. This means supplying nectarines for an entire season involves using exporters of different varieties and growing areas.

The new varieties of white-fleshed stone fruit are sub-acid, and the less acid, the sweeter the fruit. White peaches and nectarines come in an array of flavours, especially the more delicate ones like Sweet Honey and vVanilla. Their flesh is usually pearl colour with some rose near the stone and they come with a wide variety of beautiful names.

Nectarines and peaches can often be mistaken for each other by consumers, some choosing to shop for stone-fruit purely on which looks better quality. Many consumers would admit they would have trouble telling the difference between these two fruits if only tasting the flesh, as the differences can be very subtle.

A great way for retailers to boost their sales is to offer customers tree-ripened fruit for immediate consumption. Educating consumers and letting them know differences between varieties can ensure a higher level or satisfaction and repeat purchases. It's important that when a customer enjoys a nectarine, they know what variety or type they had to encourage future purchasing.

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