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Ensuring the Best in Fresh with Cherry Tomatoes

02 May 2019

Ensuring the Best in Fresh with Cherry Tomatoes

01 January 2017

When choosing cherry tomatoes the consumer's priority is good eating quality. In stores, consumers' decisions can often be influenced by colour, consistency and packaging, which all affect how the consumer perceives product quality.

When we test cherry tomatoes we are looking for a good Brix level, and a good balance between sugar and acidity. Ideally, the sugar level should be above 8 degrees Brix; the ideal acidity level varies depending on the Brix level. The sweeter the tomato, the higher the acidity level can be.

Mouldy or split fruit turns the consumer away from the variety at the point of purchase, and overripeness and softness leads to a consumer who is unhappy with their purchase and unlikely to trust the on subsequent supermarket visits.

Cherry tomatoes are a healthy and convenient snacking option, as they're easy to eat, require no preparation, and leave no waste.  This convenience means that cherry tomatoes are one of the most popular cherry SKUs across supermarkets.   Perfect as part of a picnic, it's important that appearance, flavour, and sweetness do not leave the consumer disappointed.

As we monitor the quality of fresh produce weekly we are able to give thorough information on the general quality and eating quality of all fresh produce products at different retail chains. We can also monitor different varieties, origins or even different growing methods. All this data enables us to inform, monitor and advise on potential future improvements.

With our measurements we can give a good overview of the quality in store. This is vital information for the stores stocking these tomatoes, as well as good competitor information. If you want help providing the best quality fresh produce to your consumers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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