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Ensuring Fresh Produce Quality In-store

06 June 2019

While it may appear less difficult to ensure quality at the picking, packing, and distribution stages of the fresh produce supply chain, guaranteeing that your produce makes it to supermarket shelves across the country in good condition, and remains so, can be more difficult. Multiple distribution centres delivering the thousands of stores increases the margin for error, resulting in damaged produce, increases significantly.

With discounters hot on the heels of the more mainstream supermarket chains, it has never been more important to ensure that your fresh produce remains Best in Fresh throughout the entire supply chain, meaning that quality practices must be in place from picking to delivery at the consumer's home.

Opportunity to increase sales volumes of fresh fruit and vegetables is growing as people look to meat-reducing, vegetarian, and vegan diets. High-quality fresh produce plays well into this market, so any supply chain owner which manages to maintain the edge in these categories will succeed in growing their market share.

To create trust and keep it, a retailer needs to achieve consistency. At Innovative Fresh we work closely with retailers and suppliers across Europe, offering a unique service. We quality test fresh produce, prepared produce and fresh juices, but we do it from a consumer's perspective. This ensures that your customers consistently get the best in fresh. We provide detailed reports, analysis and competitor monitoring to help you only stock the best there is in fresh foods and flowers.

Innovative Fresh provides suppliers and retailers with and facts about their products. Derived via our detailed testing programmes, our customers are often informed of issues before their customers realise that there is a problem. If you would like to learn more about how our testing and reporting programmes can help your supply chain be the Best in Fresh, please get in touch or sign-up to receive our six-weekly newsletter.


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