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Delivering Perfect Raspberries

23 May 2019

As spring arrives consumers look forward to seeing bright, colourful selections of sweet tasting berries in supermarkets. But does your selection match up to their taste expectations? When it comes to berries, for repeat purchases, consumers are looking for great flavour and great overall berry quality.

The appearance is very important and ideally we look for uniformity in colour and berry size. A good, bright colour is important to encourage purchases. Additionally, when we monitor raspberries we also judge the quality on the shelf-life and taste.

When we look at shelf-life we measure the percentage of soft berries, wet bruises and mouldy berries in each punnet on the shelf. The mould is especially difficult to see for a normal consumer because it starts with very small black spots.

Measuring taste involves assessing the sugar acid balsas, which is very important. Sometimes raspberries can be incredibly sour and this is a key element that can disappoint the consumer. Other areas of our taste tests include measuring Brix and acidity.

To help our customers be the best in fresh we ensure that they are aware of the percentage of wet bruises and mouldy berries in their selection. If a punnet contains wet or mouldy berries the consumer may be put off re-purchasing for the remainder of the season.

When purchasing and analysing raspberries we still find quite a lot of samples which consumers would not buy, or not consume, as a result of mouldy or wet berries. Also, if the external quality is good it can still be the case that the berries are too sour in taste. Sometimes we find acidity levels reach 3%.

Innovative Fresh can help inform you about the real quality of raspberries on your shelves. Even if a product leaves the warehouse in perfect condition it can easily end up with defects en route, especially when temperatures go up to over 25 degrees. Through our measurements and assessment we can show if actions a supplier takes really work to maintain maximum quality on route to the retailer.

For more information on how we can help retailers and suppliers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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