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Cucumber: A Challenge from the Field to the Fridge

09 May 2019

Cucumber: A Challenge from the Field to the Fridge

01 January 2017

When choosing cucumbers, of any variety, consumers initially make their selection based on appearance, then touch. If the cucumber colour is off or yellowing, the skin is damaged or the produce has started to dry out or is limp consumers will leave it on the shelf.

Given their delicate nature, cucumbers are susceptible to damage which can easily affect not only the outward appearance, but also the texture and flavour of the fruit. Cucumbers are prone to damage during harvest and packing, leaving consumers unlikely to make a purchase or disappointed once they've unpacked the produce at home.

Despite the revolution against plastic packaging, cucumbers have a longer shelf life when sealed. They quickly lose moisture, resulting in a wrinkled and unappetising appearance. If cucumbers are presented unsealed this should be taken into consideration.

In recent years the introduction of snacking cucumbers has meant that ensuring quality to the point of sale and beyond is essential, as these varieties are often not inspected until the consumer is at work, school, or picnicking, where dissatisfaction cannot be easily rectified.

Our tests ensure that on-shelf produce meets consumers' expectations in terms of colour, skin quality, texture, firmness, and moisture content. As each of these factors affect consumer satisfaction and confidence in future purchasing choices, it's important to confirm that they all meet, or exceed, a shopper's expectation.

Innovative Fresh can help you identify issues in your supply chain. We test from the consumer's perspective, obtaining produce directly from the supermarket shelves. For more information on how we can help your cucumbers be Best in Fresh, contact us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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