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Cherries: Maintaining Quality With Summer's Favourite

27 June 2019

01 January 2017

As summer is now feeling tentatively close, consumers are looking forward to family picnics and fresh produce choices that feel more like a treat than a necessity.  Cherries, one of the most popular Spring and Summer fruits, are often first choice for shoppers.  However, retailing at a comparatively high price when ranged alongside other fresh fruit options, cherries can leave the consumer disappointed if they're not perfect.

With suscepatbility to disease, damage and, perhaps most significantly, the weather, the cherry supply chain can be difficult to manage.  Due to the damage caused by the weather, particularly rain, it's not unusual to see hundreds of metres of polytunnels protecting the fruit from the elements.  These risks must all be carefully mitigated, particularly if cherry run-off is likely to occur.

Once picked, the problems in the supply chain are not over.  Stalks can easily affect the packing process, resulting in punnets that are not sealed correctly, and on-shelf damage can occur, especially with loose by-the-kilo offerings, as consumers pick & choose individual pieces from open crates.

Although there are many varieties of cherries in the range, consumers are often unaware of the differences, and so one disappointing purchase may put-off future purchases this season.

At Innovative Fresh, our processes identify problem areas in out clients' cherry supply chains.  Our in-depth testing and reporting gives essential insights into where problems may be occurring, thus enabling clients to improve and optimise processes to ensure that the produce reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

Testing for appearance, taste, Brix, and acidity, we test fresh produce every week.  Our programmes are designed in collaboration with each client, and provide insights on where issues may be occuring, and guidance on how to resolve those issues.  Let us help you to fine-tune your cherry programme, to give the consumer the best in fresh. Get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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