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Categorising Your Potato Section

22 November 2018

Categorising Your Potato Section

01 January 2017

The humble, yet popular, potato is a versatile vegetable, in demand all year round in the fresh produce section of stores. As the seasons change and consumers desires for different varieties and cooking types vary, supermarkets have the challenge of how to display this vegetable to help the consumer find what they need.

Potatoes provide a unique challenge with how they are categorised in stores, with different varieties suiting different cooking methods. Whether boiling, mashing, baking, roasting or frying there is a potato that best suits the cooking style, and stores want to ensure they educate their customers to know the perfect choice. It is ultimately in the best interests of the stores to get this right, as a satisfied consumer will ensure they return and recommend. Once a consumer discovers the variety a store recommends for mashing tastes better than their usual choice, they are more likely to trust the stores recommendations, even if this means an increased price.

In a market where quality is being expected over quantity, the potato category is the perfect area for stores to help consumers find the quality they are looking for.

Cooking types vary a great deal with some varieties firmer and other soft, some small and others large, all best suited to different dishes, meals and cooking methods.

At Innovative Fresh we cook potatoes to see if they match what the store recommends them for. We also check the stores to see how they are categorised and make a judgement on whether their organisation of this category makes sense.

There are other areas to be considered with potatoes as well. Peeling can be different across the varieties with the older types having a more irregular shape and therefore harder to peel, and creating more food waste. The smoother and more even shapes create less food waste and are easier for consumers to peel.

There has always been a big discussion around potato flavour and many people are unaware that growing conditions will affect the taste of potatoes. The more a potato suffers in its growing phase the better the taste. Therefore it's important that growers don't make the conditions too easy, thereby ensuring large size but a reduced quality of taste. In areas where soil is clay based and potatoes find it harder to grow we have found the flavour to be greatly improved.

As the saying goes - 'what doesn't kill us makes us taste better'!

At Innovative Fresh we monitor potatoes every week let us help you to finetune your potato categorisation and programme, to give the consumer the best in potatoes.

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