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Blackberries: Ensuring A Culinary Delight

30 May 2019

01 January 2017

Blackberries are the smallest, by volume, product in the soft fruit category, competing against more traditional options such as strawberries and raspberries, and increasingly popular blueberries.

Over the last few years blueberry consumption has become mainstream, largely due to its reputation as being a "superfood". However, tasting a great blackberry can be a culinary experience for many.

Ensuring the quality of blackberries requires great care throughout the supply chain, from field to the consumer's home. High production costs due to the comparatively low yield per hectare and labour-intensive picking requirements, susceptibility to damage during picking and packing, and a short shelf-life, has meant that blackberry consumption has historically been low.

Due to the shortness of the blackberry's shelf-life, the supply chain, ideally, needs to be short and properly refrigerated. In store, the fruit should be stocked in refrigerated displays to ensure that the fruit is in pristine condition when taken home.

As new varieties make their way onto supermarket shelves, industry and consumer expectation is high, particularly for those varieties with superb flavour. Over the next two or three years blackberries are set to become a popular and frequent choice amongst consumers who are looking for consistent quality and interesting alternatives to the more established berry options.

At Innovative Fresh, our testing processes are carried out from the point of view of the consumer. We select produce from supermarket shelves, ensuring that we test the same produce that consumers are purchasing, giving accurate and balanced results. For more information on how we can help you ensure that your blackberry supply is the Best in Fresh, contact us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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