Strawberry Deuce

12 July 2018

Wimbledon, the oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world, is underway in England and there's one particular aspect of the competition we love.

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Plastic Packaging - Friend or Foe?

05 July 2018

We've been in touch with Pacsystem, one of Sweden's leading suppliers of packaging ,and packaging solutions, to the fresh produce market, to find out more about the packaging dilemmas facing suppliers and retailers.

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Here Come the Watermelons!

28 June 2018

As watermelon season heads towards its peak, the consumption in most parts of Europe will depend on the weather. When temperatures go above 25° Celsius - watermelon consumption explodes.

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Promoting Plum Season

21 June 2018

Although the plum season is fairly long, just like nectarines and peaches the individual harvest time for each variety is very short, usually around 1-3 weeks. As a result plum varieties tend to follow each other and be available in rapid succession.

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Using Barbecue Season to Boost Produce Sales

14 June 2018

As the temperatures increase and evenings get lighter, there's one distinctive way to know summer has arrived - the smell of a barbecue. As this intoxicating scent floats around Europe, consumers head to the supermarkets for grilling inspiration.

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Managing the Short and Sweet Cherry Season

07 June 2018

Cherries are typically a spring and summer fruit. The cherry season starts in the Mediterranean region and then over the next three months moves north through Europe.

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