A History of Seedless Grapes

11 January 2018

These seeded grapes were used for raisins but the seeds needed to be removed. To reduce expenses many people did this themselves by popping the seeds out through the grape's skin.

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Getting the Right Flower Quality to your Customers

04 January 2018

Flowers are a popular part of fresh produce because they have the option of being bought for the home or as a gift. Traditionally they would have been bought from florists but now supermarkets and online are taking a large proportion of this market.

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What Makes A Great Snacking Tomato?

28 December 2017

Tomatoes have always been a popular and easy option for snacking. In the category of snack tomatoes, baby plum tomatoes in a shaker or tub are increasing in popularity.

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How to Handle the Queen of Vegetables

21 December 2017

Green asparagus is the tanned brother of white asparagus, but unlike its pale relation it is available all year round.

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It's Thyme to Talk Christmas Herbs

14 December 2017

In our opinion, at this time of year consumers are looking for three things when they are shopping for Christmas herbs: freshness, appearance and shelf-life. These are the most important parameters by which herbs are being judged by purchasers.

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Creating the Perfect Pear Experience

07 December 2017

Apples and pears are often spoken of in the same breath, mainly due to their traditional orchard roots and both being harvested during the autumn.

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