So, you want to be the best in fresh?

Our suppliers' programme is focused on giving you your time back. It is essential to know at all times what is happening on the retail shelves both in your own stores and in the stores of the competition, but the reality is that you rarely have the time to carry out all the assessments and visits needed. This is where we can help!

Our team members visit stores to carry out ‘comparative shopping’, and purchase the fresh produce themselves to ensure the customer experience is fully understood. Everything purchased then gets taken back to the laboratory for taste and quality assessments.

Our unique approach to evaluating fresh produce ensures that we what we are testing is what the customer is buying, based on the quality on the shelves. Factoring in aspects such as shelf performance is key to fully understanding fresh produce performance right up until purchase.

We look at factors such as price, varieties, supplier mix, country of origin, innovations, volumes, and pack weight. These fresh insights are captured weekly to ensure consistency.

Our fresh monitoring system works for you like no other, and will enable you to make the changes necessary to ensure you source and select the best assortment of fresh produce for your customers.

Give it a try:

Keep an eye on what is available in multiple supermarkets at all times by trying our assortment monitoring programme. We can deliver weekly information to you regarding a range of supermarkets, in a programme that is tailored to you. Nobody can be in ten places at once if they are just one person. That is why we have a team of people out on the road who will do this work for you.

let us help you.

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